Acupuncture may be offered to you as part of your rehabilitation and pain management programme.

Acupuncture is one of a number of different types of treatment a physiotherapist can provide and there is good evidence for its effectiveness. Acupuncture is viewed by physiotherapists as a complementary therapy rather than alternative therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine developed out of a concept of using needles inserted into the body as a means of balancing the movement of energy within the body.

Recent research is now supporting effectiveness of acupuncture, particularly in the management of pain suggesting its effectiveness of low back pain, neck pain and knee osteoarthritis.

The physiotherapist will use sterile, single use needles, which are fine and inserted quickly through the skin into the tissue. These needles are a lot thinner than an injection needle.

It should not be painful although you may feel a pinprick scratch on needle insertion. Your therapist may move the needle to reproduce an ache/ tingling/ warm sensation, which is desirable as this is believed to show the body s reacting positively.

For further information please refer to the Acupuncture Assosiation of Chartered Physiotherapists website at